Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eat lots of color....

I'm frequently asked, "So, what did you do in class last night?" Apparently our instructor, Marsha Savage, has been listening to the nutritionists who advise eating lots of color in fruits and vegetables for good health. They may be puzzled by these, however; we were not allowed to use the local color. (My apoligies for the rotated pear! Through the mysteries of computers, it becomes rotated in the blog, and I haven't yet be able to make the correction; it's a learning curve. Meanwhile, just tilt your head to the left!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Bessie's Best

My neighbor Bessie has a beautiful garden and allows my friends and I to visit and paint. She especially loves iris plants; they seem to know and reward her with glorious blooms. I couldn't resist a close-up.

Is the coast clear?

This squirrel was very cautious one morning as he (she?!) came down the tree trunk to raid the bird feeder. I painted him especially for a dear friend and neighbor whom we call the "squirrel whisperer". I loved the way the light outlined the squirrel.