Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Good Father

Last year this male bluebird and his mate raised three families in a box at the front of my house. They quickly "trained" me by flying up for the mealworms I provided each day. They provided me with many hours of fascinated pleasure. "Daddy Boo" did almost all the feeding of the young after they fledged; "Mommy Boo" seemed to think her job was done at that point. I think the same couple will nest in the same box this year, as they flew up to me a few weeks ago and asked for worms. And who could say "no" to a request from a bluebird?!?
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Elaine said...


You finished your painting from last night, and it wonderful! I'm going to have to come to your house so I can see your bluebirds.

bug said...

Yes, you must come and see them. I'll let you know when the eggs hatch, because the parents (especially the Dad) are much braver then and approach more freely. I'll keep you posted.